Art Dream is an educational organization that focuses on providing 8 to 12-year-old disadvantaged children (urban migrant children and village children) with experiential integrated art education.

We integrate children’s real-life scenarios of schools and communities into our self-designed Art+X courses, which have varied topics and aim to enhance children’s confidence and creativity by providing them with the opportunity to cooperate in groups to solve classroom tasks.



Since 2011, up to December 2018, Art+ program has:

Benefited children: 6 6 4, 9 0 0

Benefited teachers: 2, 3 7 2

Benefited college students: 9 1, 8 3 7

Accumulated total hours: 6 4 9, 3 5 2


Latest News

Art Dream Gave an Opening Speech at 2018 Xin Philanthropy Conference

I am Biwei, a post-90s. Four years ago, I forsook the chance to go to Harvard and started Art Dream with my team. What have we accomplished in the past three years? We have provided art education for more than 20,000 village and urban migrant children; we have organized nearly 10,000 volunteers and village school teachers to participate who came from 200 different schools and brought more than 400,000 hours of classes to these children. And yet, the number of disadvantaged children between 6 and 12 years old in China amounts to 100,000,000, and only about 50% of these children can enjoy art education, which means that there are still 50,000,000 children that haven’t had any art education. Although the number of our program’s benefited children is only one 2500th of this number, but just like this conference’s topic: Believe in the power of small.

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